Lesson 5   Free E-Mail

What is Free E-mail?
       First of all, several companies have found that they can actually provide free e-mail service...and still make money at the same time! You guessed it - advertisement (you know, those rectangular banners on some web pages)! By getting other companies and services to advertise on their free e-mail pages, they are able to provide the server space necessary for e-mail accounts (and probably make a little [or a lot!] money on the side). Regardless, the free e-mail services are pretty handy for us end users! Most are web-based services, therefore, you do need internet access.

        Secondly, Fort Lewis College offers a free e-mail service to high schools in the SCILnet region (San Juan, Southwest, and Uncompaghre BOCS). There is no advertising or money-making involved in this service. See your site trainer or technology coordinator for more details.

FLC WebMail
Login Screen
(you must have an account)

       A third type of free e-mail is a software product called Juno that provides you with free dial-up access to their e-mail service. You do not need internet access to use this product.

So...why would I want a free on-line e-mail account?
Here are a few reasons that you may want to have a free account:
  • You're traveling and would like to check your e-mail, but taking your computer was out of the question. You could check your mail far from home if you had a web-based e-mail account.

  • You would like to set your students up with personal e-mail accounts at school, but your school does not have the necessary technology to do so. Set them up on a free web-based e-mail account.

  • You have a personal e-mail client that you use at home which has only one user mailbox. The whole family is using it and you would like to get them out of your mail and let each family member have their own personal box. Solution: a free e-mail account (which will be separate from yours!).

  • You have several e-mail addresses and would like all e-mail to come into one box. Some web-based e-mail services can do this for you.

  • You would like to practice e-mail functions but don't want to bother anyone. With a separate on-line account, you could practice sending mail to yourself (I know, you must think I am really weird - how do you think I have learned so much about all of this?!?!? A true cyber junkie!).

Some Free E-mail Services
Check out this article from PC World Today about Free Web-Based E-mail.

Browse through the following sites to learn more about free e-mail:

Yahoo Mail Web-based Select "Yahoo! Mail"
Hotmail Web-based Select "Sign up Here"
Rocket Mail Web-based Select "Sign Up"
Juno Mail Dial up service Download the product
Other Free Email Sites

Optional Assignment
        Feel free to register for one of the web-based services or download Juno and try it out on your home computer. If you do, let your site trainer know what you think of the service. This is NOT a mandatory assignment.

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