Lesson 7   Fun With E-mail

Let's have some fun!
       Below are some things you can do with e-mail that are fun, useful or educational. Give several of them a try!

1. Airfares by E-mail

How would you like fast, reliable low fare updates sent directly to your e-mail? Go to Travelocity Farewatcher E-mail, scroll down until you find "Farewatcher E-mail". Select this and then follow directions for subscribing. Make sure to write down your user id and password and put it in a safe place.

2. Reminders by E-mail

So, you forgot your anniversary again this year. Need a little help remembering important occasions? Check out the following reminder services. Tell them about your important events and when the date of your event approaches, you will receive an e-mail reminder. You can even specify how early you want the reminder.

  • Infobeat Reminders and Gift Alert
    You never have to miss a birthday or anniversary again.
  • E-minder Service
    For directions on using the e-minder service, send an e-mail message like this:

    To: e-minder@netmind.com
    Subject: e-minder help
    Body: (nothing)

3. Get the News by E-mail!

"Surf, search and sift no more! InfoBeat delivers personalized [free!] news straight to your email box [sports, finance, entertainment, news, and weather!]. And enjoy Comics, Columnists and Crosswords by email when you shop at InfoBeat MarketPlace. Don't miss a beat. Sign up today!" (Infobeat)

4. Get on the Bus!

A text-based tour of some of the coolest sites on the Internet. The authors serve as your tour guides, not only giving you the sites' addresses but also an inside look at what actually makes each TOURBUS stop "cool".

To subscribe to the TOURBUS newsletter, send the following e-mail:
Subject: (leave blank)

5. The TIP Please

Getting the most out of your computer? Here's the fun, free, and easy way to learn about computers and the Internet! Sign up for informative tips to be sent directly to your e-mail box. Lots of interesting topics.

"The Internet's #1 source for computer tips, news, and gossip." (I especially find the Internet Tips useful; scroll down a ways to get to this section.) Fill in the blanks and follow the directions on the page

Dummies Daily
Dummies Daily FREE Computing Tips. Learn more about computers and the Internet -- and have fun at the same time.

6. Track your UPS Package

You can track your UPS package now through e-mail. Send an e-mail to the address below and in the subject or the body, place the complete UPS tracking number.

To: totaltrack@ups.com
Subject: tracking #
Body: or...you can put tracking # here

7. Word Fun

The Wordserver will serve up the following through e-mail:

  1. Word A Day - subscribe and receive a new vocabulary word each day in your inbox
  2. Thesaurus-by-Mail - find the synonyms of a word
  3. Acronym-by-Mail - get the meaning of an acronym
  4. Anagram-by-Mail - figure the anagrams of a word
To receive usage instructions, visit Wordserver or send an e-mail like this:
To: wsmith@wordsmith.org
Subject: (leave blank)
Body: (leave blank)

Assignment 7 E-mail - Fun
  • Select at least two (2) of the above e-mail activities to try out. When you receive e-mail from the 2 sites, forward them to your site trainer for verification of completion of this assignment. Make sure to add the assignment name and number.
  • Send Sandy Turner (SCILnet Internet Training Coordinator) any additional ideas you have for fun and interesting things to do with e-mail. We will post your suggestions on the site!

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