Lesson 3   Finding People Online

Using a People Finder
       Now that you are e-mail savvy, you would like to know if any of your long lost buddies (or sweethearts!) have an e-mail address. Or perhaps you want to find the phone number and address of a colleague in another state. The following links direct you to online directories - much like telephone books. They can be used to find names, locations, email addresses, and other information on people. (Kind of scary, huh?) :-\

       However, just because someone has an e-mail address doesn't necessary mean that they are listed in the directories. Some ISP's and free e-mail programs automatically submit this information to one or more directories, some give you the choice of having your address submitted, and others don't bother with it at all.

Four11 People Finder

WhoWhere People Finder

Infospace People Finder

Internet Address Finder

Other resources for finding people online:
Everything E-Mail
Provides pointers to resources to help you find people online.
This unique new service helps high school alumni friends find each other. Registration is free (your name will show up on the class list and you can access the list), however, to gain access to e-mail addresses, the subscription cost is $20 for 3 years ($6.66/year). Reunion services are also offered.

Exercise 1: Find Yourself Online!

Use the above directories to see if you can find yourself online. Look for your e-mail address listing and then your phone and street address listing. Don't be disappointed if you are not listed, or horrified if you are!! If you are not listed, try finding your site trainer.

Assignment E-mail 3 - Finding People
       Using the above links, see if you can find a friend or family member's e-mail address. Send an e-mail to your site trainer indicating your successes or troubles using these directories.

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