Lesson 4   Sending Online Postcards & Flowers

Send a Postcard
       Treat your friends and family to some online fun. Greet them with a postcard! Or, how about a bouquet of flowers? Check out some of the following postcard and floral sites.

Byte-size Greetings Cards
All occasion and holiday greeting cards.

Blue Mountain Arts Animated Electronic Cards
Personalize and send their Musical Electronic Greetings for free!

Card 4 You
A wealth of different greeting cards for you to send. Can include music.

Awesome Postcards Home Page
Make an awesome cyber greeting card in seconds. Greeting cards for holidays or any occasion.

Postcards Online
ALL NEW! ALL FREE: POSTCARDS ONLINE! Send a FREE Postcard today! Laughing, Dancing, Singing Cards for you and all your friends! Hundreds of Animated Postcards... Customize and send yours now!

SeaWorld Postcards
Send Shamu and his friends to your friends! Select "Just for Fun" when you arrive at this page.

Cartoon Themes: Business, Office, Professionals, Computers, Annoying, Bad Ideas and others

Hitchhikers Card Creations
Use their nature cards or create your own using any URL on the web!

The Pacific Products Gallery
Send as many as you like; there is never a charge. Great animated pictures to choose from, or use your own! Send a card to anyone in the world.

Mt. Sobek Art and Travel Photo Cards from Around the World

Aloha! from Hawaii
Send a FREE Postcard from Hawaii!

Say it with Flowers!
Virtual Florist
What's a Virtual Flower Bouquet? It's a floral image e-mail that's easy, fun and totally FREE!

Virtual Flowers
Send a Virtual Bouquet!

Oh, what the heck, Go for it all!
Virtual Presents, Postcards, Flowers and Food!!
Click here for an incredibly long list of just about anything you can send online!

Assignment E-mail 4 - Postcards
       Greet your site trainer with a postcard or flowers or something nice from one of the above sites.

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