Lesson 8   Additional E-mail Resources

Additional Resources

E-Mail Projects
Judi Harris has identified and collected at one site more than 300 valuable e-mail projects well suited for many of the curriculum goals teachers need to address.

E-mail Resources from the WebMail tutorial

Specific E-mail Tutorials
If you haven't done SCILnet's WebMail tutorial, you might consider doing it next. Regardless of what e-mail program you use, you will find this tutorial useful for learning the basic functions of e-mail. You must have an account to do this.

A Guide to the Eudora E-mail Package
An AMAZINGLY thorough and graphic guide to Eudora. Highly recommended if you are a Eudora user.

General E-mail Tutorials
Softweb Email Tutorial
Web Teacher
Learn The Net
Netiquette (in many languages)

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