Introduction to Educational Technology:
Language Arts Module Completion Requirements

To complete this module and earn credit toward completion of Introduction to Education Technology: ED589:

 Visit seven to 10 of the links from the Language Arts Sites to Visit page.

 Select five of those sites to evaluate using the rubric in the table at right:

 Email you evaluations to you site trainer.

 An idea for completion of your Integration Project:
Design a lesson plan using one or more of the sites you visited with your students.

 Implement that lesson plan. 

Do you know of a good site we should include? Would you like to submit a site description? Please send us your comments and suggestions for site listings. 
Email us.

 We'd like to add your 
descriptions to the
"Language Arts Sites to Visit" pages.

Site Evaluation Activity Method: Keep this window active and open an email window. (If using WebMail, open a second browser window and then open WebMail and create an email document so that you can multi-task (work with two or more windows at the same time.) This will allow you to "cut and paste" and "toggle" or move back and forth between the websites and your email document. 

If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, you may simply write down the information needed and type it up later to send to your site trainer.

  1. Record (copy and paste) the name of the page you are visiting and the URL, along with any other pertinent bibliographical information.
  2. Give a brief description of the site. A detailed paragraph should be sufficient.
  3. Evaluate the site in terms of how you might use it.
  4. Be as specific and precise as you can without resorting to "yes"/"no" answers.
  5. Consider the following criteria. in evaluating the site:
  • Does the site have application for use with your students? (Would you use it with an entire class? for directed research? an independent activity or in other learning situations?)
  • Does the site have use for you as a teacher? (Can it help you with professional knowledge? lesson design? source material? lesson plans? learning Activities?)
  • How easy is the site to use? How long does it take to load? Is it easy to navigate within the site?

After evaluating five sites, send this completed assignment via email to your site trainer in order to complete the module, saving a copy for your own use later. If you are creating a separate word processing file, save it as a Rich Text Format (RTF) file and send it to your trainer as an attachment. Your trainer will confirm receipt and successful completion.

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