Filamentality - Spinning Your Own Web Page

       In this module you will learn to create a web-based learning activity and actually put it online without ever needing to know HTML (the language of the internet). You will learn to use an online web-activity template called Filamentality. Filamentality will guide you through the process of blending your learning goals as a classroom teacher with the many resources available on the web. The resulting product will be your very own web activity! And, Filamentality will actually put it up on the web for you and your students (and the world!) to access!

       To complete this module, work through each of the following lessons, sending all completed assignments to your site trainer. If you are having trouble with this module, it is recommended that you attend Open Lab with your site trainer.

       As you explore the links on the following pages you may want to employ the use of two browser windows in order to keep the tutorial and the linked pages active. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, read through the following short tutorial:  Using Multiple Browser Windows

Lesson 1: What is Filamentality?
Lesson 2: Some Sample Projects
Lesson 3: Model Activities
Lesson 4: Getting Started
Lesson 5: A Guided Tour
Lesson 6: Creating an Activity

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