Lesson 3   Model Filamentality Activities

Examining Model Activities
     In this lesson you will take a look at some of the model activities developed by the creators of Filamentality. These will look much more professional that the ones examined in Lesson 1 as the Filamentality staff have added color and graphics to illustrate what can be done with your activity once you learn some HTML code. Take time to explore each of the six templates to become familiar with the layout of each one. They range from a simple Hotlist to the much more complex WebQuest.

Six Paths to China
"The following six activities were created as models for ways to integrate the World Wide Web into classroom learning. China was chosen as a topic because it exemplifies the kind of thinking the Web is great at fostering. Too often learning is reduced to disconnected facts and filtered perspectives. The Web offers a broader, more authentic learning experience." (Filamentality Application Design Team)

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