Lesson 6   Creating an Activity

Using Filamentality
       In order to really learn how to use Filamentality, you need to actually create an activity. Prepared for you below is the information necessary for a sample Treasure Hunt. When finished with this assignment, you will have your own sample activity. Once you have learned to use this online template, you might consider using it to create your own activity for your cumulative project.

Assignment: Creating an Activity
       Use the information below to create a sample Treasure Hunt. (Feel free to add any creativity of your own!) You may refer to the Guided Tour for directions (which can be printed out if necessary) or print out the following supplementary directions:

Directions for Creating a Treasure Hunt

       Once you have completed this assignment and have it stored on the Filamentality server, send your site trainer and Sandy Turner (SCILnet Internet Training Coordinator) the information necessary for them to access your page. Note: You do not need to "register" your project with Filamentality. This functionality seems to be out of order anyway.

Title: The State I Live In

Introduction: You can use the default introduction or make up one of your own.

Links and Descriptions to enter:

  • 50 States of the United States, http://www.50states.com
    Description: Find all kinds of information about the 50 states on this web site. In addition, You can access over 2300 web sites from the pages of 50states.com.

  • USA City Link, http://usacitylink.com/
    Description: The USA CityLink Project is the most comprehensive United States city and state listing on the web, as well as one of the most visited travel sites on the Internet today. It provides users with a starting point when accessing information about US states and cities.

  • Color Landform Atlas of the United States, http://fermi.jhuapl.edu/states/states.html
    Description: This is version 2 of the Color Landform Atlas of the United States. Each state link brings up a menu of links to maps and other online information about the state. There are two main types of links on each state page: maps and images local to this site, and links to external web sites.

  • USA Counties 1996, http://govinfo.kerr.orst.edu/usaco-stateis.html
    Description: USA Counties, from the Census Bureau, compiles useful demographic, economic, and governmental information spanning several years and sources for county comparisons and profiles.

  • U.S. Census Bureau, http://www.census.gov
    Description: This is a source for social, demographic, and economic information.

  • Yahoo: Get Local!, http://local.yahoo.com/local
    Description: Find local information for just about anywhere in the U.S. and many international sites.
Questions to enter: (choose any 6, but no more for this sample run!)
  • I live in the state of ______________ in __________________ county in the (town, village, city, etc.) of ______________.
  • The capital of my state is ______________________.
  • The largest county in my state is ___________. It has a population of ____________ people.
  • The largest city in my state is __________ with a population of _________.
  • There are ____________ people currently living in my state.
  • The state's highest point is ____________ feet, while its lowest point is ___________ feet.
  • The governor of my state is ________________.
  • Our senate representatives are ____________________________.
  • Our local House representative is ______________.
  • Name at least three major tourist attractions within your state.
  • Name at least three plants and three animals that are native to your state.

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