Lesson 2   Sample Filamentality Activities

Exploring Sample Web Activities
       In this lesson you will examine some of the Filamentality activities created by educators like yourself. This will provide you with an opportunity to see what "spinning a web activity" really looks like. Take time to browse through each of the following activities, keeping in mind that the goal of this lesson is to give you a view of what some of the activities look like. It is not our intention to actually have you do the activities at this time, however, feel free to browse some of the links within each activity if they are of interest to you.

An Internet Hotlist on Genetics
Created by Susie Helwig, North Kansas City High School
Susie used Filamentality's most basic template, a Hotlist, to create this list of genetic sites. A Hotlist is simply a list of web sites centered around a particular theme or topic. Each link can be followed by a description of the site.

Perky Penguin Hunt
An Internet Treasure Hunt on Penguins; developed for early elementary students
Created by Jennifer Floyd, Ft. Lewis Mesa Elementary, Durango, CO
Jennifer used a template called a a Treasure Hunt that extends the hotlist by adding specific questions to the activity. The answers to the questions can be found in web pages listed in the activity.

Utah Fun and Facts for Mr. Hastings' Class
An Internet Hotlist with Questions about Utah
Created by Mrs. Mosbacker, Backman Elementary
Mrs. Mosbacker used the Hotlist template, however, added a specific question to each link instead of a description of the site.

Travel Planning
An Internet Hotlist on Travel
Created by Laura Hunter, Utah State Office of Education
Laura uses the a Hotlist template, however, puts the links into categories and leaves out the site descriptions.

An Internet Hotlist for A German Trip
Created by Sue Burke, German Teacher, Durango High School
Sue also used the Hotlist template with categories, however, added a short description of each site.

Earthquakes vs. Volcanos
An Internet WebQuest on Earthquakes
Created by Mrs. Friend, Atascadero Junior High
Mrs. Friend used the most complex template, the WebQuest. A WebQuest presents student groups with a challenging task, scenario, or problem to solve.

Searching for Just the Right Planet
An Internet WebQuest about our Solar System.
Created by Bill Byles
Bill has used a Webquest template, however, he has added some HTML code in order to add color and a small graphic to his page. If you are going to add code to your page, you must be prepared to store it on a server other than the server to which Filamentality automatically defaults (kn.packbell.com).

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