Mr. Roskelley
WWII Project

You need to get into a partnership with another classmate. In this project you will have to use the Internet. If neither of you have access at home, I suggest that you use your class time very wisely. The following topics and questions are key to understanding WWII. Some information you will be able to find in the book, but other information will have to be found on the Internet. Use the Internet for the questions and tasks found under the ***. The URL for the information is:

European Front

What is Totalitarianism? Give three examples of it. Describe each. List similarities and differences.

What did the United States first respond to the aggression in Europe? Why?

Give examples of Hitler’s early aggression in Europe. How did the world react?

Describe Hitler’s early offensive. (Poland, Blitzkrieg, Nonaggression pact)

What was the Maginot line? Did it work? Why or why not?

Describe the battles with France and Britain.

P.578-585: What affect did U.S. forces have when joining with Britain?

How did we fight German wolf packs in the Atlantic?

Why was the Battle of Stalingrad significant?

Who was general in N. Africa? What great general did he fight against?

What happened to Mussolini after Italy fell in 1945?

Describe D-Day.

Describe the Battle of the Bulge.

What and when was V.E. Day?


Find pictures of tanks, planes and other technological advancements used in the war. Print one of each.

Find a timeline of WWII.

Find a description of the invasion of Normandy.

Find information on General Patton.


Describe the persecution.

Why the Jews?

What was Kristallnacht? What happened?

Describe the Final Solution. (Concentration Camps, Extermination)

What is the story of the survivors?

P.584: What did the Allies find in liberating the death camps?


Look up information on Auschwitz and Birkenau. How were conditions?

Look at pictures and print one you feel expresses your feelings best about the Holocaust. (Be careful)

Find and tell one survivor’s story.

What was the Final Solution?

Home Front

Page 559-63:While staying neutral, what did the U.S. do in reaction to the problem in Europe?

What was the Great Arsenal of Democracy?

Analyze the Point and Counterpoint on page 561. What argument do you agree with? Why?

How did the U.S. plan for war? Were they ready?

Page 570-77:What is the Selective Service? G.I.?

What was a WAAC? Why was this necessary? What impact did they have?

What impact did minorities have on the war?

How did industry respond to the war?

How did the war affect labor?

What impact did science have on the war?

What were internment camps? Why were they used?

What economic controls did the government place on the America? Were they necessary?

P. 598-9 What discrimination was there during the war? African, Mexican, and Japanese Americans?

Pacific Front

What date did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

What happened at Pearl Harbor?

How many ships did the U.S. loose? What were their names?

P.586-89: How big was the Japanese empire, before U.S. retaliation?

How did the U.S. retaliate?

Describe the Battle of Midway.

What was Island hopping?

What happened at Guadalcanal?

What was a Kamikaze?

Describe the battle for Okinawa.


Find accounts from the morning of Pearl Harbor.

Study one of the Battle sites (Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Battle of Midway). What happened?

Give examples of Japanese war crimes.

Read portions of A Marine’s Diary: Guadalcanal. Tell what you thought.

Atomic Bomb

What was the Manhattan Project? Who led the scientists?

What factors played a role in dropping or not dropping the bomb?

Describe the dropping of both bombs. (Hiroshima and Nagasaki)


Describe the difficulties and secrecy of the Manhattan Project.

Find different pictures of the A-bomb. Print one.

Describe the destruction on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Look at Enola Gay in Perspective…Background and Timeline and trace the chronology of Pacific War leading to the dropping of the Bomb. Create a Timeline. Look at Guadal Canal, Iwo Jima, Midway, Hiroshima bombed, and surrender in hypertext.

Propaganda (Be careful not to find inappropriate material on this section)

*** Internet.

Find examples of propaganda in WWII at the site. Pick one you think illustrates the effort in WWII best and print it.

Questions to answer when completed. (Must be completed by each student).

  1. What effect did World War II have on the United States?
  2. What was life like in the U.S. after an Atomic Bomb had been dropped? At first and then in the long run.
  3. What was you favorite section of this project? Why?