Macintosh Basics

Module Introduction
       This beginning module is designed to assist you in learning the basics of the Macintosh Operating System. It was developed with the new user in mind.

       You will need to access a Macintosh computer that has the Macintosh Tutorial loaded on it. When your Operating System was loaded onto your computer, a two-part Macintosh Tutorial was loaded with it. You can check to see if you loaded it by going to the question mark in the upper right corner of the screen and clicking on it. This will drop down a menu. The menu should have an entry called "Macintosh Tutorial". If it does not, see your trainer for assistance in finding a computer that has the tutorial. You will not be able to complete this module without the Macintosh Tutorial.

       At the completion of this module you will do a performance assessment with your site trainer. Credit will be given when the performance assessment is successfully completed. Make sure to let your site trainer know when you are ready to do this. You can take the performance assessment as many times as needed for mastery.

Lesson 1: Defining a Computer System
Lesson 2: The Macintosh Tutorial
Lesson 3: Review and Practice
Performance Assessment Information

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