Lesson 3   Review and Practice

       Now that you have been through the Macintosh tutorial you should be able to perform some basic functions on the Macintosh. Below is a list of things you should be able to identify, and functions you should be able to perform.

Go through the checklist to determine which functions you know and which you need to practice. If necessary, go through the tutorial again. If you need assistance, attend open lab with your trainer.

Identify the Desktop and each of its components:

  • ____ Menu Bar and Menus
  • ____ Hard Drive Icon
  • ____ Other Icons
  • ____ Trash
  • ____ Finder Icon
  • ____ Help Icon
Use the mouse to:
  • ____ Open the hard drive window
  • ____ Highlight (select) an icon
  • ____ Pull down a menu
  • ____ Open a window
  • ____ Zoom in or out
  • ____ Resize a window with the size box
  • ____ Move a window to a different place on the desktop
  • ____ Open more than one window and move from window to window (and identify the active window)
  • ____ Close a window
  • ____ Open an application (ie: word processor such as Simple or Teach text, MS Word or Works, ClarisWorks, etc.)
With a Word Processing application open:
  • ____ Find the cursor (insertion point)
  • ____ Identify the title bar
  • ____ Type a short document (one sentence will do)
  • ____ Use the scroll bar
  • ____ Save the document
  • ____ Go to the Finder and back to your document
  • ____ Close the document
  • ____ Quit the application
Reopen your document and do the following:
  • ____ Place the insertion point (cursor) in the middle of the sentence
  • ____ Use the backspace (delete) key to remove some text
  • ____ Select some text
  • ____ Copy and paste some text
  • ____ Drag some selected text
  • ____ Resave document
  • ____ Close the document
  • ____ Quit the application
You should also be able to:
  • ____ Create a new folder
  • ____ Put your file in a folder
  • ____ Put your file in the Trash
  • ____ Use Balloon help
  • ____ Find and restart the tutorial if a review is needed

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