Lesson 6   Making an Alias

What is a Bookmark Alias?

       A bookmark Alias is an alternate bookmark that is "linked" to (works in the same manner as) the original bookmark. Using aliases, you can put the same bookmark in multiple folders.

       Unlike a copy of a bookmark, an alias automatically reflects any change made to the original bookmark (as well as the alias). When you view the properties of an alias, the dialog text fields (name, location, and description) display the information for the original entry. Any change to the text fields of the alias entry changes the original entry, and likewise, any change to the original entry changes the alias entry. Also, when you delete an original bookmark, its aliases are also deleted.

Why would I want to do this?

       Perhaps you would like to have a bookmark in more than one folder (for organizational purposes). For example, you may have a bookmark that is filed in a topical category folder such as Health, however, it is also something that you would like your Biology students to use, and therefore, you would like a copy of it in your Biology Class folder.

       Another scenario might look like this. You have been asked to give a web presentation to a group of parents. Several of the web sites you want to show them are already bookedmarked on your computer and filed into folders. To prepare for this presentation, you can create a folder specific for this particular presentation. You can then make an alias of each of the bookmarks that you want to use in this presentation and put them into this folder. When you have finished the presentation, you can delete the folder (or keep it for future presentations) and still have the original bookmarks in their original folders.

Creating a Bookmark Alias

To create a Bookmark Alias, do the following:

  1. Go to the Bookmark Window
  2. Select (highlight) the bookmark you want to copy
  3. Right-click on the bookmark (Windows users only); on the Mac OS, choose Make Alias from the File menu of the Bookmark Window.
  4. Select Make Alias; this will make a copy of the bookmark right next to the original one
  5. Select and drag the alias to its new location; you will now have this bookmark in two different folders.


    Note: When you delete an alias, the original bookmark is not deleted. However, when you change the properties of an alias, the properties of the original bookmark are changed.

Assignment AdvNS 6 - Aliases
For Cumulative Assignment - note that this new information saves to your NS bookmark file automatically.

  1. Create a new bookmark folder and name it Aliases.
  2. Make an alias for three of the bookmarks you have previously saved and filed.
  3. Place them in the new "Aliases" folder.
  4. Edit the title or description of the bookmark (by going to bookmark properties) and then check to see if it was changed in the alias.
  5. Delete the original of one of these three bookmarks and check to see that it deleted the alias also.

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