Lesson 4   Editing Bookmarks

       When you add a bookmark for a page, your browser automatically gives the bookmark the same name as the page (whatever is in the title bar). You may want to give it another name so that you can more easily recognize it in your list of bookmarks.

       Or, suppose you have added a bookmark and the URL (address) for that page has changed. You will want to edit the URL in your bookmark file.

To make any changes to your bookmarks, do the following:
  1. Open the Bookmark Window (click here if you do not remember how to do this).
  2. Select (highlight) the bookmark to be edited.
3.  For NS 3.0X, go to Item -> Properties.
For NS 4.X, go to Edit -> Bookmark Properties.
4.  A Bookmark Properties Window appears. It is here that you can make changes to the Name or URL of the bookmark.
5.  You can also add a Description of the bookmark here or enter any information useful to you about this site.
6.  Click OK in order for the changes to take effect.

Note that information can be copied and pasted into these boxes. Sometimes it is easier to copy and paste the new information from the web page into the box than to retype it. There is less chance of mistake this way.

Assignment AdvNS 4 - Editing BM
For Cumulative Assignment - note that this new information saves to your NS bookmark file automatically.

  • Change the name of one of your practice bookmarks by using the above technique.
  • Add a description to one of your practice bookmarks.

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