Lesson 8   Finding a Bookmark

Lost a Bookmark?

       If you have a lot of bookmarks, it can sometimes be difficult to remember where you have filed them. Netscape has created a find feature that allows you to search for a bookmark in your bookmark list. To find a bookmark, do the following:

  1. Go to the Bookmark Window.
  2. From the Edit menu, choose Find in Bookmarks (just "Find" in NS 3.X).
  3. In the resulting dialog, type the text you want to locate among your bookmarks. For example, you are looking for your bookmark for the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse but you cannot remember where you filed it or exactly what you named it. You might type in Eisenhower.
  4. Select one or more of the Look In checkboxes to specify whether you want to search for text contained in the bookmark name, location (URL), or description (stored with bookmark properties).
  5. Select the Match Case checkbox only if you want capital letters in the search to match exactly. For example, with Match Case selected, the search text "eisenhower" will not find "Eisenhower".
  6. Click OK and Netscape will highlight the first bookmark found with the search text.
  7. To find another entry with this text, drop down the Edit menu and select Find Again. Repeat this process if necessary.

Practice Assignment AdvNS 8 - Finding Bookmarks
       Use the above technique to practice finding two of your bookmarks.

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