Lesson 5   Organizing Your Bookmarks

Time to Get Organized!

Common Scenario:
You have added so many bookmarks to your browser that you can't keep track of them. It's time to get organized! The following lessons will help you to create a filing system for your bookmarks.

Note: You will need to have the Bookmark Window open for each of the lessons below.

Creating Category Folders

Creating New Folders
You can create bookmark folders in Netscape by doing the following:

  1. Open the Bookmark Window
  2. Select (highlight) the main bookmark folder (will be at the top of the window)

  3. In NS 3.0X, pull down the Item menu and select Insert Folder
    In NS 4.X, pull down the File menu and select New Folder
    (Note that in Windows you can also use the right-mouse function to get a pop-up menu with this choice)
  4. Give your folder a name and then click OK.

Nesting Folders
You can nest (layer, embed) folders within folders by highlighting the folder in which you want to put another folder and then inserting a new folder by following the directions above.

Assignment AdvNS 5A
For Cumulative Assignment

Create a folder in your Bookmark window. Give it your name. Create three other folders within this folder ("nest" them). Give them the following titles:

  • My Favorites
  • Education Resources
  • Miscellaneous

Filing Bookmarks in Folders

Click, Drag, and Drop Method
While in the Bookmark Window, you can click, drag, and drop bookmarks (that have already been created) to the folders in which you want them.

Using the File Bookmark Feature (NS 4.X in Windows only)
This feature is used while you are in a web window. To make a bookmark and file it in a folder right from your web browser window, do the following:

  1. The site that you want to bookmark must be on your screen. For practice, let's go to the following site: http://www.webclass.asn.au/
  2. Select the Bookmark button on the Location (Address) Line
  3. Select File Bookmark from pop-up menu
  4. Select the folder in which you want to file your bookmark (the list of folders will appear in another pop-up menu)

Assignment AdvNS 5B
For Cumulative Assignment - note that this new information saves to your NS bookmark file automatically.

  1. Use the click and drag method to file some of the 10 bookmarks that you saved in Lesson 1 into the folders you created in Assignment 5A. (It is not important which bookmarks you put in which folders.)
  2. Go to two new web sites and use the File Bookmark feature to bookmark and file these pages in your folders. Here are some ideas if you need them:
    • http://www.mapquest.com
    • http://www.wested.org/tales/00contents.html
    • http://web66.umn.edu/schools.html

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