Lesson 1   Adding & Using Bookmarks

       If you have already completed the Browser Basics module or are familiar with the basic features of Netscape, you probably already know about Bookmarks. However, if you need to refresh your memory, click here to go to a lesson on Adding and Using Bookmarks.

You will need to know the following bookmark basics before proceeding with this module:

  • what is a bookmark?
  • how to add a bookmark while viewing a page
  • how to manually add a bookmark
  • how to use a shortcut menu to add a bookmark
  • how to use a bookmark to return to a previously visited page

    All of the above topics are covered in the lesson on Adding and Using Bookmarks.

Some important things to know about bookmarks:

  • Bookmarks are saved locally within the browser (and on the computer) you are currently using. They are not saved online (however, there are some web sites that will save your bookmarks online for you if you wish).
  • If several people are using the computer (ie: at school) make sure to save (file) your bookmarks in a folder separate from the others. However, you should first find out what the bookmarking policies are for that particular computer, for example if it is in the library.
  • Once you delete a bookmark, it is gone (unless you add it again)! You can use the Edit -> Undo function if you catch your mistake right away. Be careful when deleting.
  • Today, browsers frequently come with a default set of bookmarks already loaded. You can keep the ones you want and delete the others...or just delete (or keep) them all.
  • It is good to keep a backup copy of your bookmark file.

Assignment AdvNS 1 - Adding Bookmarks
For Cumulative Assignment - note that as you add bookmarks, this information saves to your NS bookmark file automatically.

It is quite possible that there will already be some bookmarks in your bookmark file. You will be adding new bookmarks to this already created file as you complete the assignments. Netscape will automatically save what is already there, as well as what you add.

Select 10 of the following web pages to bookmark in your browser. Bookmark them now.
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
PBS Teacher Source
The Web Classroom
Webster's Dictionary
Adventure Online
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
MIDI Karaoke
Macintosh Educator's Site
The Academy Curriculum Exchange
Classroom Connect

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