Lesson 9   Viewing your Bookmarks as a Web Page

To view your bookmark file as a web page, do the following:

  1. You will need to be in a web browser window to do this.
  2. In NS 4.OX, from the File menu, select Open Page . You should see the Open Page dialog box. Select Choose File
    In NS 3.0X,, from the File menu, select Open File in Browser
  3. Browse to find the bookmark file.
    • In NS 3.0X, the bookmark file (bookmark.htm) is found in the Netscape folder
    • In NS 4.0X, the bookmark file (bookmark.htm) is found in Netscape folder -> Users -> your profile (the NS folder is most likely found in your Program files in the C: drive)
  4. Once you have selected this file, click the Open button and you should see your bookmarks as a web page.

Practice Assignment
Open your bookmark file in a web page. Notice that they are hyperlinked. Try some of the bookmarks.

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