Advanced Netscape - Bookmark Extravaganza

You MUST read everything on this page to understand how this module will work!!

Module Introduction
       In the Advanced Netscape modules, you will move beyond the basics to learn some of the more advanced features of the Netscape browser. In this first Advanced Netscape module, you will learn just about everything you ever wanted to know about bookmarking web sites and how to organize them. You will learn several features of Netscape bookmarking that will be useful to you personally, and as an educator. See the list of lessons in the chart below for an overview of this module.

       There will be directions for both Netscape 3.0X and 4.X, and I will attempt to describe the differences between the Mac OS and Windows features, however, all of the graphics come from Netscape Communicator 4.X in Windows 95.


It is important that you fit into one of the following categories:

Important Assignment Information:

Due to the nature of some of the assignments in this module, you will be creating a cumulative work file for your assessment. This will be the bookmark file and it will save automatically in Netscape as you work on it. There will most likely be bookmarks already in the bookmark file of the computer you are working on, however, the ones you add will save right along with the ones that are already there. This cumulative assessment is to be emailed to the instructor of record (Sandy Turner), or saved on a disk and sent to the instructor of record in order to receive credit for this module. Read each assignment carefully.

It is important that you complete each of the assignments on the same computer and browser, all at one time so that the cumulative file represents all of your work. If you are working at school and you stop part way through this module, you may find that your bookmarks will not be there when you return. Many of the school computers are set to default back to the original set up once they are turned off and back on. If you are working on a computer other than your own and you have to stop before finishing the module, you should do Lesson 10 so that you will know how to save and transfer your bookmark file to a floppy disk. You can then return and use the file that you saved on your disk.

You will want to open a second browser window for surfing so that you can still see this tutorial. See directions. See your site trainer if you need assistance.

Lesson 1: Adding & Using Bookmarks
Lesson 2: The Bookmark Window
Lesson 3: Deleting Bookmarks
Lesson 4: Editing Bookmarks
Lesson 5: Organizing Your Bookmarks
Lesson 6: Making an Alias
Lesson 7: Using the Personal Toolbar
Lesson 8: Finding a Bookmark
Lesson 9: Viewing your Bookmarks as a Web Page
Lesson 10: Saving and Transferring Bookmarks

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