Lesson 7   Using the Personal Toolbar

What is the Personal Toolbar

Note: The personal toolbar is not available on the Mac OS or versions of Netscape lower than 4.X. You will find this feature on NS 4.5 and greater though.

       The personal toolbar can be viewed near the top of the Netscape web browser window, between the button bar and the location line. The personal toolbar lets you create buttons that link to your favorite web sites for easy access. This is where you would place your most commonly used bookmarks.

       Items added to the personal toolbar are stored as bookmarks in a special folder you can designate in the Bookmark Window (the default name is the Personal Toolbar Folder).

Creating a Personal Toolbar Folder

       Before making a new Personal Toolbar folder, you should check to see if there is already one specified on the computer you are using. Look near to top of the Netscape screen to see if there are bookmarks in the personal toolbar (again, this occurs between the button bar and the location line). If there are bookmarks there, this means that someone has already designated a folder for the personal toolbar. You can also look in the Bookmark Window to see if there is a folder entitled Personal Toolbar Folder; these bookmarks would be stored there. If you are working on a computer other than your own personal computer, make sure when you have finished this lesson that you redesignate this folder as the Personal Toolbar (out of respect for the person who has already set this).

       If there is not a Personal Toolbar Folder in use, you can create a new folder named "Personal Toolbar Folder" that will be automatically be used as your toolbar folder when no other folder is specified. To do this:

  1. Open the Bookmark Window
  2. Create a new folder (File -> New Folder)
  3. Name it "Personal Toolbar Folder" (this name is used as the default personal toolbar folder when no other folder has been specified)
  4. Click on OK
  5. Any bookmarks you add to this folder will appear on the personal toolbar

Designating a Personal Toolbar Folder

       Any folder can be designated as the Personal Toolbar folder. And, you can change which folder is designated as the Personal Toolbar folder at any time. To specify a bookmark folder you wish to set as the Personal Toolbar folder, do the following:

  1. Open the Bookmark Window
  2. Select (highlight) a folder which you would like to set as the Personal Toolbar folder
  3. Open the View menu and choose Set as Toolbar Folder; this folder is now set to show its bookmarks on the personal toolbar
       The bookmark folder you designate to hold your personal toolbar buttons can contain bookmarks or other folders. That is, bookmark folders can be embedded in your personal toolbar folder. The items contained in the folder you have designated appear as personal toolbar buttons.

Editing the Personal Toolbar

Adding, Deleting, Reorganizing
You can add, delete, and reorder personal toolbar buttons in the same way you add (Lesson 1), delete (Lesson 3), and reorganize (Lesson 5) bookmarks. You designate personal toolbar buttons simply by storing the button items in the designated personal toolbar folder. Each bookmark and bookmark folder contained in the personal toolbar folder appears as a toolbar button, though the toolbar's size allows for access to only a small number of buttons.

Using the Page Proxy
You can also drag and drop the Page Proxy icon to add a personal toolbar button for the page you are currently viewing. Drag the icon (located to the left of the location field) onto the personal toolbar. The added item appears both in the personal toolbar and in the bookmark folder designated as your personal toolbar folder.

Reordering Toolbar Buttons
The order of the bookmark items in the Bookmark Window determines the order of the buttons in the toolbar. To reorder the buttons, drag and drop the bookmark items in the personal toolbar folder to the order that you want.

Assignment AdvNS 7 - Personal Toolbar
For Cumulative Assignment - note that this new information saves to your NS bookmark file automatically.

  1. If there is not one already, create a folder named "Personal Toolbar Folder".
  2. Add a few of your bookmarks to this folder. They should show up on the personal toolbar. (You can delete them later if you want.)
  3. Designate the folder titled "Miscellaneous" as the personal toolbar folder (however, don't rename it). Check to see that the bookmarks in this folder show up on the personal toolbar (however, note that there is only so much space for the bookmarks to show up).
  4. Redesignate the "Personal Toolbar folder" (designate the one that was there originally).

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