Lesson 6   Bookmarking your Favorite Sites

       In this lesson you will learn several methods for adding bookmarks to your bookmark file and then use them to return to previously visited Web sites.

What are Bookmarks?
       In the last lesson you learned how to use several navigation tools for returning to a previously viewed site. However, the lists generated from each of those techniques are temporary. However, Netscape and Internet Explorer have devised a way for you to create a permanent (electronic) record of the sites you want to remember and revisit. This is called the Bookmark (NS), or Favorites (IE) list. This list of your favorite URL's is saved locally on the hard drive of the computer you are using. (Therefore, if you use several computers, you may have bookmarks spread all over the place. We will address what to do about this in the Advanced Browsers module.)

Note: Some versions of NS and IE have a default set of bookmarks already created for you. You can choose to keep these or delete the ones you don't want.

Adding Bookmarks to Your Browser
       Due to the differences in browsers (and their different versions), I have created four separate tutorials. Select the tutorial of the browser and version you are using:

Directions for Netscape 3.0X.
Directions for Netscape 4.0X.
Directions for Internet Explorer 3.0X.

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