Browser Basics

Module Introduction
       This module is designed to teach you the basic technical skills necessary to use Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse the World Wide Web. You will learn to use many of the basic tools and features of the two browser programs. (This module is not intended for the seasoned web user, but rather the novice.)

       Because most of the basic features of the two browsers are similar, the two will not be differentiated when the similarities are obvious. Often, only one graphic will appear in the tutorial, however, it will be very similar to the graphic of the other browser. Also, all of the graphics in this module were taken from a PC. Macintosh users will find that most of the graphics are similar (if not exactly alike) to what will be seen on a Mac.

       You will want to open a second browser window for surfing so that you can still see this tutorial. See directions. See your site trainer if you need assistance.

In order to receive credit for this module:

Lesson 1:Introduction to Web Browsers
Lesson 2: You're Online - Home Page and URL's
Lesson 3: Locating a Web Site
Lesson 4: Navigation within a Web Site
Lesson 5: Using Navigation Tools
Lesson 6: Bookmarking your Favorite Sites
Lesson 7: Going "Home"
Lesson 8: Stop and Refresh!
Lesson 9: Saving a Web Page
Lesson 10: Printing a Web Page
Lesson 11: Security Online
Performance Assessment Information

Thank you to Bonna Steinle (Durango School District 9-R Staff Development Coordinator), co-author of this module, and Dick Young (Mancos Technology Teacher) for his contributions to the module.

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