Lesson 2   You're Online!

What is a Home Page?
       When you first start your browser, you will be connected to a default Home Page. "Home Page" refers to the document that your browser connects to when you start it up. This will most likely be Netscape's or Internet Explorer's home page, or the home page configured by your school. The reason your browser always starts on this page is because it has been configured this way. You will learn how to change this configuration in Lesson 7.

       This home page is connected to many other web pages by the use of hyperlinks (usually blue, underlined text, as well as some graphics), a topic we will cover in Lesson 4.

Note: Another use of the term Home Page is the main page of any particular web site.

What is a URL?
       Each web page on the Internet is identified by a unique address called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Note the address (URL) in the Location Bar near the top of the screen (also called Address, Go To or Netsite field). In order to go to another web page, you can enter the page's URL in this Location Bar (it will most likely have a different address than the one shown here).

Here is a sample URL and what each part represents:


What it MeansTells you what kind of server the URL will open; in this case, a Web ServerThe Internet address for the site where the document is locatedIndicates the layers of directories in which the document is locatedThis is the file name and extension of the document; the extension tells you the format of the document

Note:  URL's must be entered exactly or they will not load.
(However, on the newer browsers you can omit the http:// part.)
If the page does not load, check the address to make sure it is correct.

Assignment BB2 - Home Page/URL
  1. What is the URL of the Home Page to which your computer defaults?
  2. You have typed the following URL into the location line but the browser tells you that it cannot find this site. What is wrong?


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