Lesson 10   Printing a Web Page

       Another option for reading a web page offline is to print the page. Keep in mind that some web pages can be very lengthy and will actually take several pieces of paper to print. Not all printers handle web printing well, therefore, you may lose some of the elements on the page. However, most printers will give you an accurate copy of the page.

Practice Exercise 1:

Use the following procedure to print a web page:

  1. Open a web page on your computer. Use your bookmarks to find a site if needed.
  2. Click on the Print button in the toolbar.

  3. This opens the Print dialog box. Here you can select the printer that you want to print to, and the number of copies you want printed. You can also select the range of pages you want to print, however, you may want to do a Print Preview, which can be found in the File menu (of Netscape only) before doing this.

  4. Click OK to send the job to the printer.

BB10 - Printing a Web Page
       Print out a web page and bring this to your site trainer when you are ready to take the performance assessment. If you do not have access to a printer, attend an open lab session where you can use a printer.

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