Lesson 8   Stop and Refresh!


       As you are surfing the web, you will run into some "traffic jams". If a page seems to be taking forever to load, it may be too busy or not working. To interrupt this loading use the Stop button on the toolbar. If the Stop button is not active (is gray or looks like a "ghost"), this means the page has probably already stopped loading. The page may have just "hung" so you may want to give it a second try.

       The Stop button also comes in handy when you have changed your mind about going to a page, or accidentally put in the wrong address, and you do not want to wait for the page to load.


Reloading or Refreshing a page comes in handy when:

  • a web page has not loaded properly; use the reload (or refresh) button to try it again
  • you want to update a page you have been reading (ie: stock quotes)
  • a page is loading from your cache file (in your computer's memory) and is not the most current version of the page
  • you are creating a web page and want to see the changes you have made
Practice Exercise 1:

Enter the following URL in the location line. While the page is loading, hit the Stop button to stop the loading. Once you have stopped, hit the Reload (Refresh) button to get the page to load again.


BB8 - Stop & Reload
       Use your bookmark list to go to a web site. Use the Stop button to interrupt the loading of the page. Use the Reload button to get the page to load again.

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