Lesson 4   Yahoo! Browsing - Exercises

       You will need to have Yahoo! (http://www.yahoo.com) open in a second browser window to complete the following exercises: (refer to Two Browser Windows if you need help)

Note: You can return to the Yahoo! homepage from anywhere in Yahoo! by clicking on the Yahoo! graphic at the top of all Yahoo! pages. (The graphic looks like the one at the top of this screen.)

Exercise 1:
For example, let's find the White House site by using the category browsing method. Start at the Yahoo! home page. Then click the top-level category Government:

This will take you to a menu of sub-categories that looks like the following. When you get here, select the category, U.S. Government.

A menu of sub-sub-categories will appear. From here, select Executive Branch.

This will take you to a menu of sub-sub-sub-categories. On this menu you will see the category White House, The. Select this.

You should now be at a list of several resources for the White House, with the first one being the official White House site. At this level you can go right to the White House site or browse some of the other related sites.

Exercise 2:
Let's suppose that you would like to browse the Internet for clipart. Yahoo! is a great place to do this.

Start at the Yahoo! homepage. Remember that you can return to the Yahoo! homepage by clicking on the Yahoo! graphic at the top of any Yahoo! page. Of the "top fourteen" categories located there, where do you think you would begin to look for clipart found on the Internet?

That's right...Computers & Internet. From here, select the sub-category Graphics, and then the sub-sub-category Clipart. At this point you will be able to select from a few other more specific menus or from a vast list of clipart sites. This allows you to browse and find out what kind of clipart is available out there.

Exercise 3:
You are doing a science project on the planet Venus and would like to start browsing Internet sites to find information. Again, this is a good problem for Yahoo! to handle.

Return the Yahoo! homepage. Which of the top-level categories would you choose? Health? No. Arts and Humanities? No. Science? A strong possibility. Click on it.

Now you have some new choices, specific to Science, such as Acoustics, Chemistry, Biology, Paleontology, etc. Any ideas? If you picked Astronomy, you are movin' right along!

       (Note that you could have clicked directly on Astronomy from the main page as it happens to be listed as one of the example sub-categories.)

Again, new choices, this time specific to Astronomy, such as Astronomers, Telescopes, Observatories, Research, and the Solar System. Click what? You guessed it: Solar System.

New choices, specific to the Solar System, such as The Sun, The Moon, and Planets. Click on Planets and there it is: Science: Astronomy: Solar System:Planets: Venus.


Assignment Search Lesson 4 - Browsing
     Use Yahoo! and the "browsing" method to find Internet links (resources) for any two of the following general topics. Show the results of your Yahoo! search to your trainer either in open lab, via e-mail, or print out a copy and get it to him/her. (Or, you could give your trainer the category hierarchy where this information can be found (ie: Science: Astronomy: Solar System: Planets: Venus). Make sure to include the assignment name and number.
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Educational television programs for children
  • Recipes from different cultures
  • Information related to your curricular area
  • Comedians
(Yes, you could do a keyword search of Yahoo! to find information about these topics, but for the point of this exercise, browse.)

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