Lesson 6   Yahoo! Searching - Exercises

       Again, you will need to have Yahoo! open in a second browser window to complete the following exercises: (refer to Two Browser Windows if you need help)

When Should I "Search" (as opposed to "Browse") in Yahoo?
Exercise 1:
You should search Yahoo! when you are looking for a web site and you know its title.

Example: You're looking for Life Magazine online. Instead of browsing through the following categories: News and Media
and then Life Magazine in the alphabetical list, just type "life magazine" into any search box (you don't need to capitalize the words and you don't need quotes). Try this.

Exercise 2:
You should search Yahoo! when you are looking for a specific topic.

Example: You're planning a vacation to Australia. Remember that Yahoo! organizes sites into categories. Those categories are organized by topic. "Does Yahoo! have anything on the topic of Australian Travel?" Search. Type in the words "australia travel" (no quotes, no capitals) and see what happens.

One of the first results is the category, Regional: Countries: Australia: Recreation and Sports: Travel. Is that the topic you're after? Yes. Click on it. And remember: if you don't get results on your first search, modify it and try again; sometimes searching is more of an art than a science.

Exercise 3:
You should search Yahoo! when you want to see where in Yahoo! a particular web site is listed and what other sites are related to it.

Example: You love the computer game Myst. You're not really interested in Myst itself, since you've already played it for 150 hours, but you are in the market for a similar product. Type "myst" into any search box. Check the results. Click on the first category. This will take you to the Myst game category, deep within the Yahoo! hierarchy. Now, here's the cool part: Look at the title of the page: "Home:Recreation:Games:Computer Games:Titles:Adventure:Myst." All the words in that title are hyperlinks except for the last one (because you are already on the Myst page). Click on the next to last word, "Adventures:". Voila! There is a whole list of computer games in the same genre as Myst.

       If you are a bit unclear about the different strategies (browse or keyword search), keep in mind that you will often find yourself combining the two strategies. Sometimes you will "browse and then search" to find what you are looking for, and other times you will "search and then browse". There is no one way to find something on the web. Searching is somewhat of an art and needs practice.

Assignment Search Lesson 6 - Keyword Searching
Use the "keyword search" technique in Yahoo! for the following. Show the results of your Yahoo! searches to your site trainer either in open lab, via e-mail, or print out a copy and get it to him/her. Make sure to include the assignment name and number.
  1. Find a list of resources for lesson plans in a particular subject area. Submit this list as your assignment, or you could give your trainer the category hierarchy where this information can be found (ie: Science: Astronomy: Solar System: Planets: Venus).

  2. You really like the music of local artist Peter Rowan and would like to explore other artists in his same genre. Go to the Peter Rowan category in Yahoo! and then back up one category to see what other artists occur in his same genre. Submit this list of artists in his same genre as your assignment.

  3. Find all of the following and give to your site trainer:
    • The URL corresponding to the Durango Herald
    • The URL for the publisher of a textbook you use (ie: Prentice Hall; McGraw-Hill; Kendall/Hunt; Harcourt Brace; etc.)
    • The URL for the Library of Congress
    • The URL for Elitch Gardens.

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