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Instructions: Please read each task-statement below and indicate (with a check) your level of expertise using the following scale:
NA - not applicable
0  Have never performed the specific task
1  Rarely perform the specific task and need assistance to perform this task
2  Occasionally perform the specific task and may need occasional help
3  Perform the task often enough to have a comfort level with it
4  Perform the task often and have some expertise
5  Perform this task often and can teach/help others









Getting on the Internet from home computer


Getting on the Internet from school computer


Knowing what to do with a web address such as:


Navigating from one web site to another


Using search engines


Adding and using bookmarks (favorites)


Editing and organizing bookmarks


Using the Internet to gather information


Saving information from the web on your computer


Printing information from the web


Using electronic mail (e-mail) in general


Sending and receiving e-mail


Attaching files to e-mail


Creating and organizing e-mail directories (files)


Saving e-mail messages


Printing e-mail messages


Subscribing to/unsubscribing from a listserv


Adding an address to the address book


Editing the address book


Making a "group" or "list" within the address book


Using e-mail to request and/or send information globally


Configuring a browser to use e-mail


Configuring a browser to use helper applications


Designing web pages


Capturing graphics off the web


Using "plug-ins"


Downloading software or files from the web


Using video conferencing or collaboration applications (CUSeeMe, NetMeeting)


Mentoring another staff member


Teaching an internet class or inservice to students or staff


Teaching your students how to use the web


Teaching your students how to use e-mail


Integrating the WWW use into your curriculum


Integrating the use of e-mail into your curriculum


Developing your own Internet curricular activities