Part II   Getting Help

Using the Tutorial
Once you have read (or printed) the instructions on this page, either:
  1. minimize your browser using the minimize button in the upper right corner [-]; it will still be active and connected, or
  2. close Netscape, disconnect your modem (to save billing time $$$!), and reopen it for the next lesson. Instructions:
    1. Read pages 32 - 33 (from lab book) for an overview of the Help features in Windows 95.
    2. Work through Tasks 12 - 18 (lab book) while on a Windows 95 computer. Also, make sure to read through the Supplements found on this web page! You will need to master the tasks in order to pass the performance assessment.
    3. For additional information about Windows 95 Help features, visit the following web page and scroll down to see the Help information.
      George and Mikes Guide to Windows 95 - Help Database

    1. If you are a former Windows 3.1 user, you will find a short tutorial in Windows Help that will be very useful in making the transition to Windows 95. Start the Help program using the directions from Task 12. Choose the Contents tab. Select the entry "If you have used Windows before" to find information on some the differences between Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

    2. Keep in mind that each application that you use (Paint, Calculator, MS Word, Excel, Word Perfect, Hyperstudio, etc.) has it's own Help features which are specific to that particular program. They can be accessed from within the program (you have to open the program); the Help menu is usually found on the Menu Bar across the top of the display.

Self-Assessment Checklist:
Use the following checklist to prepare for the performance assessment. Feel free to print this out for your reference.

  • Open the Help window (Task 12)
  • Find a Help explanation on how to delete a folder (Task 13-15)
  • Find a Help explanation on how to change the clock (Task 13-15)
  • Add a personal note (annotation) to one of the help topics (Task 16)
  • Print a help topic (Task 17)

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