Windows 95 (Module 2)

       This is the second module in a series of three designed to assist you in learning the basics of the Windows 95 Operating System. Again, you will work through a lab book, "Easy Windows 95", which your trainer will have available at each of the open lab sessions. Each site has been allocated a small number of lab books, therefore, this module will most likely need to be completed during the open lab sessions held by your site trainer(s). If you prefer to work at home, this lab book can be purchased from most bookstores (ie: Walden Books in Durango) or can be ordered online from Amazon Books. You will need access to a PC (IBM Compatible) Computer.

       The module instructs you as to which parts (and tasks) of the book to learn, however, also provides Supplementary lessons and information not found in the book. Make sure to read the directions on each web page listed in the table below, and work through the checklists in order to prepare for the performance assessment.

       It is recommended that you either print out the online instructions or have your site trainer show you how to keep the tutorial active (but minimized) while working through each of the Windows 95 tasks.

       At the completion of this module you will do a performance assessment with your site trainer. Credit will only be given when the performance assessment is successfully completed. Make sure to let your site trainer know when you are ready to do this. You can take the performance assessment as many times as needed for mastery.

Part IV - Working with Folders and Files
Part V - Printing with Windows
Part VI - Personalizing Windows
Performance Assessment Information

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