Part V   Printing with Windows

Using the Tutorial
Once you have read (or printed) the instructions on this page, either:
  1. minimize your browser using the minimize button in the upper right corner [-]; it will still be active and connected, or
  2. close Netscape, disconnect your modem (to save billing time $$$!), and reopen it for the next lesson. Instructions:
    1. You will need to do this module on a computer that is connected to a printer. If you do not have one at home, you will have to attend one of the open lab sessions at your school.
    2. Read pages 104-105 (from lab book) for an overview on Printing with Windows.
    3. Work through Tasks 40-46 (lab book) while on a Windows 95 computer. Also, make sure to read through the Supplements found on this web page! You will need to master the tasks in order to pass the performance assessment.

      Supplement for Task 40 - You will need to open a Windows application such as a word processor (NotePad or Word Pad can be found in Programs -> Accessories or you may have MS Word or Works on your computer). You can either use a previously prepared document (maybe a file you have saved to your hard disk or a floppy disk) or type a short document. Preview the document before printing by using the File -> Print Preview command. This will show you how it is going to look on the paper. Then follow the directions for printing.

      Supplement for Task 42 - If you are on a computer other than your own personal computer, make sure to return anything you change to its original setting.

      Supplement for Task 43 - If the directions for this task do not apply to your application or operating system, try the following variation: When you get to the printer window (folder), double click on the printer to open the print que. Choose Pause Printing from the Printer menu. If you have more than one document in the que, you have to highlight it and choose Pause Printing from the Document menu.

        Note: If you are printing a short document, it will only be in the print que for a matter of seconds and you will most likely not see anything there. Also, if you are on a network, you may not have permission to modify the settings for the printer. A message window will pop up informing you if this is the case.

      Supplement for Task 45 - I recommend that you read through these tasks only and not make any changes to the printer settings (especially if you are on the school network). There will not be any questions about these two tasks on the performance assessment.

Self-Assessment Checklist:
Use the following checklist to prepare for the performance assessment. We recommend that you learn to perform the tasks in both file management windows. Feel free to print this out for your reference.

  • Preview a word processing document before printing (Task 40)
  • Print a document (Task 40)
  • Send two or three documents (they need to be fairly large) to the printer and check the print queue for the printing status (Task 41)
  • Demonstrate that you can set a printer to be the default printer (Task 42)
  • Send a document (needs to be a fairly large one) to the printer and then pause the printing (you may not be able to do this if you are on a network - give it a try and see) (Task 43)
  • Restart the printing process after pausing (Task 43)
  • Canceling the print job from the print queue (Task 44)

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