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Crediting Institution - Adams State College
Sponsoring Institution - Fort Lewis College - SCILnet Project
Course No.- ED 589
Credit One (1) or two (2) semester hours (15 or 30 contact hours)
Dates and Times October 15, 1998 May 1, 1999
Instructor of Record

Course Description

       The purpose of this course is to assist educators in the integration of basic technology into their classrooms. The primary focus will be on assisting educators in "making the link" to the internet and applying its practical uses to the classroom with the intention of increasing student interest and achievement.

       Attention will be given to the use of this technology to enhance curriculum and professional development as an educator. It is our goal to develop the confidence and comfort necessary to make technology an embraceable tool for great teaching and great education.

       This course will be organized in an on-line "module" format, each module representing approximately three (3) hours of contact time (note that this time will vary depending on the computer skill level of the student). Four (4) completed modules and one Integration Project will be the equivalent of fifteen (15) contact hours and therefore equivalent to one semester graduate credit. Students may select any four (one credit) or eight (two credits) modules that they want to complete. An integration project is required for each credit.

The rationale behind this course is to:

  1. make it as accessible as possible to educators anywhere/anytime they can access an internet-capable computer.
  2. provide support to participants through building trainers and facilitated open lab sessions
  3. offer enough variety in the modules to meet the needs of teachers at a wide variety of skill and experience levels.


Getting Started with Windows 95 (Module 1) Basic Macintosh OS Getting Started
Windows 95 (Module 2) Searching Basics
Introduction to the Internet (Internet 101) Searching Tools & Techniques
Browser Basics-NS & IE (finally ready!!) Netscape Mail
WebMail (2 modules) Advanced Netscape
E-mail Applications and Integration Participating in an Online Workshop
Filamentality - Spinning Your Own Web Activity Language Arts Resources
Telecollaborative Projects Content Specific Modules
(science, history, career, math, etc.)
Introduction to HTML  
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Course Outcomes

The educators taking our course will:

Course Requirements

For one (1) credit:
For two (2) credits:
Successful completion of four (4) modules Successful completion of eight (8) modules
Successful completion of one (1) integration project (lesson) Successful completion of two (2) integration projects (lessons)


Assignments and Performance Assessment

Successful completion of each module will be monitored by:

  1. the site trainer
  2. instructor of record
Successful completion of each module, grade, and credit will be determined by:
  1. task performance assessment with the site trainer (demonstrating skill proficiency)
  2. completed module assignments provided to the site trainer (most by e-mail)
  3. completion of an integration project provided to both the site trainer and instructor of record.

Integration Projects

To earn each graduate credit, the participant must complete all tasks and assignments associated with the individual modules as well as an integration project. The integration project will be an actual lesson plan (or application) designed to integrate the technology learned through the modules into that participant's classroom (or job assignment). All plans submitted will be published in a Lesson Plan/Application Archive on the SCILnet website. Participants will:

  1. Develop an educational application of the internet using the template provided.
  2. Execute the plan with the selected audience.
  3. Critique the actual lesson plan using the template provided.
  4. Provide the written lesson plan, the lesson critique, and a sample of student work to both the site trainer and the instructor of record for assessment and publication on the SCILnet website.
Project Ideas
Project Template
Project Critique

For a B
For an A
Successful completion of five modules (including ALL assignments and performance assessments)
Successful completion of five modules (including ALL assignments and performance assessments) = 70%
Demonstrations of ability needed frequent coaching
Demonstrates basic understanding of concepts
Demonstrates proficiency
Demonstrates thorough understanding of concepts
Completion of Integration Project as one of the 5 modules (follows template, graded by rubric) Completion of Integration Project as one of the 5 modules (follows template, graded by rubric) = 15%
  Execution of Integration Project with students or selected audience (including critique of activity or lesson and sample of student work) = 15%

NOTE: Partial credit will NOT be given for incomplete modules.


At this time, all registration for the course must take place with your site trainer. Registration includes:

  1. Register for IET Course with your site trainer (get on roster)
  2. Fill out Pre/Task Assessment and give to site trainer (obtain from trainer or print from online source)
  3. If taking for credit:
    • Fill out ASC Registration Form including payment
      Fall - due to trainer no later than October 15th
      Spring - due to trainer no later than February 15th
      (any registrations that were received after October 15th were recorded on the ASC Spring Semester)
    • Obtain Student Module Record from site trainer (or print from online source); keep track of Modules completed and give to site trainer at the completion of the course
    • All course requirements must be fulfilled :
      Fall - no later than December 7th in order to receive credit for the fall semester; (you may take an incomplete until April 26, 1999)
      Spring - no later than April 26 in order to receive credit for the course; (there will NOT be an opportunity to complete this course after April 26, 1999)
  4. At completion of course, fill out and return the following to your site trainer:
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