Integration Project Critique

Information for submitting your Project Critique

This critique is to be filled out upon completion of the Integration Project with the targeted audience. If the project is ongoing and not completed by the due date for this course, give a critique on what has happened thus far in the project. To write up your critique, copy and paste the template into a word processor right from this web page. Type up your critique using as much space as needed. Save the file and submit it to the site trainer and instructor of record in one of the following forms:

Critique Template

Your Name:
E-mail Address:

Title of Lesson or Project:
Content Area(s):
Grade Level (or Audience):

Describe what went well with the project:

How did the target audience react to this project?

Were the objectives for this project met? Explain.

Describe what did not go well with the project. What were some of the problems or obstacles encountered?

Describe what you would do differently the next time you use this project (or a similar one) with your targeted audience:

Was the project difficult to assess? Why or why not?

Other information:

Project Intro
Project Template
Project Ideas

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