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Classroom Integration Information
"How can I integrate the Internet into my classroom?"

       The following site provides numerous links to classroom integration resources for teachers. Resources include explanations, examples, suggestions, self-instructional tutorials (lessons), and discussion groups.

CLN: Information for Classroom Integration

Need an idea for your project?
  • Teach your students how to use the Internet.
  • Use the Internet for a research project with your students.
  • Set up a Keypal exchange with another class.
  • Join one of the online projects such as Africaquest.
  • Participate in a telecollaborative project.
  • Start your own telecollaborative project (maybe with other teachers from the SCILnet schools (Southwest Colorado).
  • Create a web activity using the Filamentality template for your students.
  • Have your students create a web page for a class project.
  • Sponsor a Thinkquest team for your school.
  • Have your students do an online Scavenger Hunt.
  • Set up a structured online workshop with another class. (You can use the SCILnet Chat program for this purpose.)
  • Do an internet presentation for a group of parents, a community group, etc.
  • Start an electronic "Ask an Expert" service within your community. SCILnet can assist you with the facilitation of this project.
  • Develop an online Museum display
  • Use e-mail to have your students conduct an interview
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