Integration Project - Introduction

       As most of you know by now, we are allowing you to use your time spent on the Integration Project as one of your 5 modules. We realize that many of you will spend several hours researching, preparing, planning and executing your project and felt that this is worthy of a "module". The grading differentiation (between an A and a B) will still remain the same (see course outline, Assessment and Grading). Let me know if you have any questions. --Sandy Turner, Instructor of Record (

What is the Integration Project?
       The Integration Project is an actual lesson plan (or application) designed to integrate the technology learned through the modules into your classroom (or job assignment). All projects will be posted on-line in the Lesson Plan/Application Archive on the SCILnet website. This archive will be available to all participants in the course.

       All projects must be completed and submitted to your site trainer AND the instructor of record in order to receive credit for the module. Note that in order to receive an A for the course, the project must be carried out with the targeted audience. A critique of the activity and sample of student work must also be submitted. (See Grading Procedure)

       The project template was designed to guide you through the development of your project and to provide a form for reporting your project. The template was adapted from the Classroom Connect Internet Lesson Plan/Project Idea Sheet (October 96). To write up your project, copy and paste the template into a word processor right from the web page. Type up your project using as much space as needed. Save the file and submit it to the site trainer and instructor of record in one of the following forms:

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