Tools and Resources for Developing a
 Telecollaborative Project

Module Introduction
       In this module you will work through a series of exercises which will assist you in the exploration of tools and resources for developing an educational telecollaborative project. All assignments must be completed and e-mailed to your site trainer in order to receive credit for the module. You will find a great deal of information that could be used toward the development of your IET Cumulative Project.

       As you explore the links on the following pages you may want to employ the use of two browser windows in order to keep the tutorial and the linked pages active. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, read through the following short tutorial:  Using Multiple Browser Windows

What is a telecollaborative project?
       A telecollaborative project is an educational project that involves sharing information with another person or group of people over the internet. Telecollaborative projects range from setting up simple keypal relationships between your students and another class to involving many classrooms and experts from around the world in an information-gathering project that requires a collaborative effort.

Lesson 1: Organizing a Telecollaborative Project
Lesson 2: Safety Guidelines
Lesson 3: Keypals
Lesson 4: Finding and Calling for Participation in Projects
Lesson 5: Telementoring
Lesson 6: A Telementoring Tool

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