Lesson 6 A Telementoring Tool

The Mentor Center
     Now that you have learned about telementoring, here is a tool that will allow you set up and monitor telementoring relationships. When you get to the site, read the introduction and then click on "Take the Tour" to get a working knowledge of this utility. It will take you about 15 - 20 minutes to go through the tour. Just follow the directions!

BBN's Mentor Center
BBN's Mentor Center harnesses the power of the Internet to foster mentoring relationships and thereby expand the number of volunteers in education. Within the dynamic environment of Mentor Center students send assignments to mentors and mentors review their work, with a teacher overseeing the exchanges.

Assignment Tele6 - Mentor Center
     Now that you have completed the tour, discuss how this tool could be used in your classroom (or school in general). What are some specific applications of this utility? What are some of the pros and cons of using a utility like this? Send this information to your site trainer. MAKE SURE to include the number and name of this assignment.

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