Lesson 1
  Resources for Organizing a Telecollaborative

The following sites provide information useful to the organization and development of a telecollaborative project. Work through each site, gathering information that will allow you to develop a well thought-out project.

Global SchoolNet: How to Design a Success Project
This site, developed by the Global SchoolNet Foundation, provides:

  • guidelines for developing a telecollaborative project
  • a project template
  • a mechanism for posting your project idea on the web and "calling for collaboration"

Internet Curriculum Connections: Keypal and Telecollaborative Projects
This article presents a concise overview of the process of developing successful keypal and telecollaborative activities. Make sure to explore the links within this guide as they provide additional information useful to organizing a project.

Observations on Educational Electronic Networks:The Importance of Appropriate Activities for Learning
This article contrasts what the author feels is a successful network-based activity (The Noon Observation Project) with is a less successful one (Electronic Pen Pal exchange). The implications can be important to classroom teachers considering Keypal exchanges.

Assignment Tele1 - Organization
     According to the information found in the above sites, what are some of the key components to a successful telecollaborative project? Send your answer to your site trainer. MAKE SURE to include the number and name of this assignment.

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