Lesson 4
  Finding and Calling for Participation in Projects

     In the previous lesson you learned of some places you can go to find keypals for your classes. In this lesson you will look at some of the resources for finding specific telecollaborative projects designed by others, as well as places you can call for involvement in a project you or your class has designed. (You will find that there is some overlap with the previous lesson.)

Classroom Connect
One of the best places for finding out about projects or calling for involvement in your own is Classroom Connect's teacher mailing list. You can subscribe to this list at:

Classroom Connect Mailing List
For more specific information about the list, visit the following site:
Classroom Connect Mailing List Information
The following are some examples of invitations for participation that occurred on the list in June/July 1998:

The Great Tall Structures' Challenge
Sail Around the World this Fall!
Fairy Tales in German
Club Net

Global SchoolNet
Global SchoolNet has an Internet Projects Registry that includes links to old and new telecollaborative projects. The New Registry includes a search feature allowing you to search for a specific kind of project.

Global SchoolNet Projects Registry

ICONnect Internet Curriculum Connections
ICONnect, a technology initiative of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), is designed to get students, library media specialists and teachers connected to learning, using the Internet. The following page lists several resources for finding and posting telecollaborative projects.

Internet Curriculum Connections

Assignment Tele4 - Finding and Posting Projects
Select one of the following options:
  1. Subscribe to one of the teacher mailing lists found in the above sites. Select one that you would find useful to your purposes. Provide for your site trainer one of the mailings you receive from the list. You can either forward it to them by email or give them a hard copy. MAKE SURE to include the number and name of this assignment.

  2. Use one of the sites above to find a specific project in which you would like to involve your students. Share with your site trainer the specific project information, why this project appeals to you, and how you would involve your students in this project. MAKE SURE to include the number and name of this assignment.

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