Downloading Sample Plugins


  • Download from the following site: Live Update
  • Select Download Cresendo
  • Fill in Name and E-mail address
  • Select Cresendo non-streaming free version
  • Select your Browser type
  • Select your Operating System
  • Click Download button
  • Select the site from which to download (USA)
  • You will get a dialog box. Save the download in the Windows Temp file or a Download directory that you have created.
  • Once you have downloaded the program (.exe file), you will have to install it by going to the directory that you put it in and double clicking on it.
Check out some of the Cresendo Cool sites.

Sing along with a little MIDI Karaoke

How to Detach Your Cresendo Player

     Have you ever wondered how you can have Crescendo continue to play music while you surf? Well, it's easier than you might have thought. Beginning with version 3.0, Crescendo has included a "detach" feature for that very purpose. When you click on a simple link to a MIDI file, Crescendo will automatically detach into a separate window and float above the page. Even when Crescendo is embedded in a page, it's easy to manually detach the player and allow that song to continue with you as you surf. Just right-click on the Crescendo control panel, select "Detach" in the pop-down menu, and Crescendo will detach and continue playing even after you leave the page with the embedded music. If you haven't upgraded to version 3.0 yet, get it at

Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Download from the following site: Adobe
  • Select Get Acrobat Reader
  • Follow download instructions
To use Acrobat Reader, go to the following site: Teacher Training Resources

Point Cast Network

  • Download from the following site: Point Cast
  • Follow download instructions

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