Lesson 3  Composing and Sending E-Mail

Exercise 3-A: Basics

(Just a reminder that you will want your WebMail opened in a second browser window so that you can read this tutorial at the same time.)

     Once you have logged in, you will find yourself in the WebMail Inbox (New Mail Folder). You will see a string of buttons along the top of the Inbox. This is called the Toolbar. From here, you can perform several e-mail functions:

  1. To compose an e-mail, use the Create button.
    This will open the Create Message window.

  2. In the To: box, type the e-mail address(es) of the recipient(s) of the message.

  3. In the Subject: box, type a short description of the message. DO NOT leave this blank!

  4. In the Message: box, type the message that you want to send. You can use the standard editing keys to create and edit your message. You can also cut text from other sources and paste it into your message.

  5. When you are finished composing your mail, use the Send button. WebMail sends the message to the recipient(s) that you specified.

Assignment WebMail 3-A - Composing and Sending:
     Send an e-mail with a short introductory message to your site trainer (include the assignment name and number in the e-mail). If you do not know his/her e-mail address, check the Trainer page. Remember to use good Netiquette! :)

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