This online tutorial focuses on the general features and use of e-mail, using WebMail as a client. Because of its length, you will receive credit for two modules for successful completion. It is broken up into short lessons with assignments. All assignments must be completed and e-mailed to your site trainer in order to receive credit for the module.
Start Here: Introduction to WebMail Lesson 10: Attaching a File
Lesson 1: Netiquette Lesson 11: Emoticons & Acronyms
Lesson 2: Logging in Lesson 12: Sending a Hypertext Link
Lesson 3: Composing and Sending Mail Lesson 13: Printing and Saving
Lesson 4: Viewing Messages Lesson 14: Customizing Mail Display
Lesson 5: Replying to Mail Lesson 15: Deleting Mail
Lesson 6: Forwarding a Message Lesson 16: Sorting Your Mail
Lesson 7: Using the Address Book Lesson 17: Searching For Mail
Lesson 8: Creating a Signature File Lesson 18: Reviewing WebMail
Lesson 9: Organizing your Mail Lesson 19: Additional E-Mail Resources

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