Lesson 14   Customizing Your Mail Display

       WebMail allows you to customize the look of your messages, the WebMail dialog boxes, and the way that WebMail stores messages. We will cover a few of the options here.

       From the Inbox or the Read Messages dialog box, select the Options button. WebMail displays the Change Options dialog box. Here you can change the values of the options on this dialog box, as necessary. When you complete your changes, use the OK button.

Number of Messages Displayed on a Page
       If you have a large number of messages, WebMail divides your messages into pages and delivers your messages one page at a time. The default for the number of messages that occur on a page (ie: in your Inbox) is 20. This means that if you have over 20 messages on the server for that particular list, you will have to move to the next page to see any messages after 20. If you have 100 messages, you will have to move through 5 pages. You may want to change this setting to a larger number in order to view all of the messages in that list on the same page. To do this you will need to change the number in the box next to Maximum Number of Messages to Transfer Per Page. This setting controls the number of messages that WebMail transfers at a time and displays on one page.

       If you are concerned about the speed of the display of the list, you may want to decrease the number of messages that WebMail retrieves when it builds the list.

Changing the Appearance of WebMail
       To change the appearance of your WebMail dialog boxes, select a template from the pull-down list under Template on the Change Options page. This list will include those templates that are provided with WebMail and any custom templates that were created within your organization. Note that your WebMail administrator can limit the templates that you can access.

WebMail provides the following templates:

BIG displays a larger version of WebMail's buttons and graphics than the DEFAULT template
DEFAULT provides a comfortable viewing screen in most Web browsers
DEFAULTS displays a smaller version of the DEFAULT template
NONTABLE If your WebMail pages do not look quite right, it may be because your Web browser does not support web page tables. To compensate, select this template
SMALL has smaller buttons and graphics than the default template
SMALL_NT displays a smaller version of WebMail buttons and graphics in a format useful if your Web browser does not display tables correctly
TEXTONLY substitutes words for the pictures on other templates
TINY has very small buttons and graphics
TINY_NT has very small buttons and is appropriate if the Web browser that you are configuring does not display tables correctly.

       After you change the template, you might have to use the Refresh or Reload function of your Web browser to redisplay the screen correctly.

Note that in some of the templates, the OK button appears as a check and the button to close that particular screen appears as an X.

Note: On the K12 and FLC servers, the following two options cannot be changed. They will always default to the settings shown below:

       Change the appearance of your WebMail by switching to some of the alternative templates. You never know, you may like one of the non-default templates better than the default. Choice is good!

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