Lesson 6  Forwarding a Message

     To forward a message that you are viewing, use the Forward button. WebMail redisplays the original message with greater than signs (>) in front of the original message's lines and clears the address boxes. Address the message to the recipient(s) and type any comments that you want to add. All of the options that are available when you create a message are also available when you forward a message.

Note: It is NOT appropriate to forward someone's message if it was intended
to be private. Ask permission from the sender if you are unsure.

Why would I want to forward a message?
  • You have just received a great history lesson plan from a colleague and you would like to share it with the members of your department.
  • You received a notice of a technology conference and would like to pass this on to your staff.
  • You are rolling on the floor laughing as you have just received a very funny joke (clean, but funny!!!) and you would like to forward this to your family members.
  • A friend has sent you a link to a very interesting site on tornados. You want to pass this on to one of your students for her project.
The applications are endless.

Assignment WebMail 6 - Forwarding:
     As you receive e-mail, find one that would be appropriate to forward to your trainer. Make sure to include the assignment name and number.

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