Lesson 2  Logging in to WebMail

Using the Tutorial and WebMail at the Same Time:
This is a case where it would be best to have two browser windows open, one for this tutorial and one for your WebMail. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand this concept in order to use our tutorials!

Make sure to read the following tutorials BEFORE logging into WebMail!! They describe the concept and "how to's" of having two browser windows open:

These techniques will become very useful as you work through the modules.

You can use the simple method of right clicking on the WebMail link below (hold down mouse button on a Mac) and open WebMail up in a New Window. This will take you to the FLC WebMail login screen.

Webmail   http://webmail.fortlewis.edu

In the future, when accessing WebMail, just type this address into your browser's location line.

Logging In:
When you reach the WebMail Login window you will need to enter the following information:
  1. Username: Enter your Username (but not your full e-mail address)
  2. Server: Use the drop-down menu to select your server (click on the small arrow on the right and highlight your server)

    Each site will have a server name to select. Currently it is as follows:

    FLC Staff mail.fortlewis.edu
    FLC Students academic.fortlewis.edu
    Durango, Ignacio, Bayfield, Silverton, Pagosa
    Springs School Districts and San Juan BOCS
    Montezuma-Cortez School District,
    South West BOCS
    Mancos School District bluejay.mancosre6.edu
    Other SCILnet School Districts k12.fortlewis.edu

  3. Password: Correctly type your password
  4. Click on Log In
  5. Voilá! This should take you to the WebMail Inbox!!

Logging Out:
From the Inbox, use the Logout or X button. WebMail logs you out and displays the WebMail Log In window. From there you can use your Web browser to explore the World Wide Web or exit from your Web browser.

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