Lesson 13  Printing & Saving

Printing Messages
     Because WebMail is web-based, messages can be printed using the browser's printing functionality. Most browsers have a Print button which can usually be found on the Tool Bar and/or in the File Menu. Open the window that you want to print and select the browser's print function. Your browser will print whatever window is the active window.

Saving Messages
     It is important to understand that your mail is stored on a mail server and that saving it to your hard drive or a floppy is only necessary under a few circumstances:
  1. There is a rare possibility that some fluke could occur and your messages could be erased from the server, however, this is not very likely. If you receive a very important e-mail and are concerned about losing it, it is recommended that you save it as a text file on your hard drive.
  2. You want to use all or part of your e-mail in a separate document. In this case you can either save the entire e-mail as a text file to your hard drive or you can copy and paste any portion of the e-mail into the document.
  3. For some reason, you want to transfer the mail to another computer (that isn't internet capable - otherwise you would forward it!). In this case, you could save it on a floppy as a text file.
     Again, because WebMail is web-based, messages can be saved using the saving functionality. In most browsers, the Save function can be found in the File Menu. Just open the piece of mail that you want to save, go to the File Menu and select the Save As... function. Depending on how your browser is set up, you can either save it as an HTML file (web form) or as a plain text file.
  1. If you save it as an HTML file, it will open up in your browser.
  2. If you save it as a text file, it will open up in Notepad or Simple Text.
More than likely you will want to save only a portion of the e-mail. In this case, you can highlight the portion you want to save, copy and paste it into a separate document.

     Practice the saving function by saving a piece of WebMail on a floppy (or the hard drive if it is your own computer). Try saving it as an HTML file and then as a text file to see the difference. See your trainer if you have any questions.

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