Lesson 19  Additional E-Mail Resources

Assignment WebMail 19 - Accessing E-Mail Resources
     Select one (or more) of the following sites to browse and learn more about e-mail. Submit to your trainer one specific thing that you learned about e-mail from visiting that site. Make sure to include the assignment name and number.

Accessing Other E-mail Resources
Click on the picture or link to the left to access the resource.

This is a great site and definitely is a reflection of the name! There is a wealth of information here.
Business Netiquette International This site is the Web's "Netiquette" site for business etiquette, keeping international business in mind. This means company to company e-mail, not personal messages between business colleagues.
International Addresses and Salutations
PC WORLD ONLINE: E-mail Tips and Tricks
E-Mail Glossary Common e-mail terminology.

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