Lesson 12  Sending a Hypertext Link in E-Mail

      Suppose you have come across a web site that you would like to share with others. You can send the internet address (URL) to them in an e-mail as a hypertext link. When they receive the e-mail, they will be able to click on this link and it will take them to the site (assuming they have an e-mail client that supports this functionality). There are several ways to do this:

  1. Just type the correct internet address (URL) starting with http://....... in an e-mail message it will show up as a hypertext link.
  2. You can also copy and paste a URL into an e-mail document and it will show up as a link (however, remember, you must have the entire address for it to show up as a link).
  3. Another really cool function is to put your pointer onto a hypertext link found in an e-mail document or a web site and click on the "right" mouse (IBM). On a Mac, you just put the pointer onto the link, click once and hold down for a few extra seconds. You will get a menu that allows you to do some neat things. One of those is to "copy link location". This will copy the link (as a link!) to the clipboard and then you can paste this link into the e-mail message you are composing.
  4. Some browsers (such as Netscape and IE) allow you to send a link or the entire web page while you are browsing. This function can usually be found in the File menu: Send Page or Send Link. This function is not supported by WebMail.

    Note the hypertext link included in this received e-mail. It will not look like a link (underlined in blue) in your compose window, but will to the recipient in the read window.

Assignment WebMail 12 - Sending a URL
     Use one (or all!) of the techniques above to send your trainer a web address (hypertext link) in an e-mail. Make sure to include the assignment name and number.

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