Lesson 16   Sorting Your Mail

       WebMail automatically sorts your messages in your Inbox in the following order:

  1. Drafts that have been created in WebMail
  2. Urgent and new
  3. Urgent and read
  4. New
  5. Read

       To change the order in which messages appear, click on a column heading by which you want to sort your messages. For example, if you want messages sorted by subject, you would click on the Subject column heading. You can also sort your messages by the Status, the sender (From), and the Date. This can be done in the Inbox and any file in which you have filed messages.


  • Let's suppose that you would like to find and read all the mail from a particular student. You would click on the the From column heading and this would sort your mail by the sender.

  • Perhaps you would like to read (or delete) all the mail associated with a particular subject. Sort your mail by clicking on the Subject column heading. This makes it easier for you to visualize the list of mail under this subject, particularly if you receive a lot of mail.

       Practice sorting your mail using the above technique.

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